Lately I’ve had a lot of changes in personality. Normally I’m calm, mild mannered and, I try to help out those in need. But now I’m selfish and, taking great pleasure in theft and murder. I’m of course talking about my personality in the world of Albion in Fable 2. Most of the time I play games with morality choices as the "good guy". This is because I always feel rather guilty about making the "evil" decision.

                What made me change my mind was my good friend who happens to be the most sadistic Fable player known to man. After he came into my town in co op and shot up my town I decided to seek revenge and shoot up some of his. Afterwards I realized that I had the option to do whatever I wanted and I didn’t have to be good. Plus the satisfaction of taking out that Bard who wouldn’t shut the hell up in the beginning of the game was reason enough for me to make a change in character. 

               I would be really interested to see how people play games with morality choices. For example my friend who is usually kind, calm, and non violent turns into a vicious alter ego in games like fallout, fable, and KOTOR. I on the other hand normally (until now) act in these games similarly to the way I would in real life.  

          So do you guys play as good, evil, or somewhere in between?