Ask, and ye shall receive. While we have not the power to grant boons and favors of the supernatural, we can, indeed, cover the games you wish us to cover. Ghostbusters has been a request directed at us ever since its release, and we’ve finally found the power-house guests necessary to give it its proper due: Phil Theobald from PlayerOne Podcast along with GameSpy‘s Will Tuttle and Arthur Gies of Eat. Sleep. Game. fame.

CO-OP Episode 0207

Every show seems to have a theme, whether or not we consciously intend one, and with the recent glut of reborn classics this week’s show is perhaps better themed than most. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is double-featured with Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal in a blast-from-the-past especiál. Insidiously long names aside, we’re always grateful to Tiff Chow for dropping by and we’re especiál-ly glad for 1UP‘s Justin Haywald making his CO-OP debut!

The final, classic-resurfaced game in this week’s show is a testament to one of the most venerable genres of software-gaming: the shooter. Yes, Space Invaders is back, on the iPhone, with an intensely aural and action-ridden experience best seen (and heard) to be believed. Space Invaders Infinity Gene may be a classic reborn, but it’s thoroughly modern in its execution and should not be overlooked! Watch the show after the break.


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