Even though we totally support retro consoles, the Retro Duo just isn’t doing it for us. It’s like it’s missing something. What could it be? Oh, yeah — that’s right: Rambo.

Cultural Blips:

Old-school console perfect for nostalgic blowhards. Pretend like modern consoles are lame by sporting this two-in-one Retro Duo console that allows you to play both NES and SNES cartridges. Or you can just download an emulator. Uh, not that we encourage such piracy! Ahem. [technabob]


Yeti Kong is hot even though technically he is cold. This t-shirt for a Donkey Kong clone starring a Yeti may look real, but it’s not. Just like the Yeti himself. Meta. [Offworld]


This Mario foot tattoo stinks. Some dude decided to tattoo Mario and Luigi on his feet for some reason. Our guess: So people won’t have to see how terribly stupid they are. [Geekologie]


Boo papercraft good enough not to see. Try spotting the Mario enemy Boo in this papercraft. Can you see it? Yeah, well, so can we. And you thought you were special! [Nintendo Papercraft]


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