Oh, boy — not the Apple making a gaming console rumor again. This is getting about as cliche as any rumor involving a price cut with the following companies: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

News Blips:

Apple making game console? World domination imminent. We all knew it was coming: Apple appears to be making a new computer tablet that will play games. Sure, it probably won’t be used exclusively for gaming, but considering the iPhone is practically a gaming system nowadays, we’re sure if this is real, developers will flock to this like a princess on cake. [Develop]

EA happy Wii owners are fat and out-of-shape. This is somewhat surprising: The best-selling EA Wii game is currently EA Sports Active with over 1.8 million units sold. Hmm, guess Wii owners haven’t heard of this thing called a gym. [Joystiq]

Left 4 Dead not quite dead yet. Thanks to a new DLC scenario entitled Crash Course. PC users can download it for free, while 360 owners have to shell out $7 in Microsoft space bucks. Cue 360 outcry…now! [GameSpot]

New game by Braid creator entitled The Witness; does not star Harrison Ford, sadly. Braid creator Jonathan Blow officially announced his new game will be entitled The Witness and will, get this, be a puzzle game. Though this time it will take place on an island. Uh-oh! Hope he doesn’t get…lost…. [Kotaku]

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