paulaWe might as well start getting used to important news flashes on Twitter. Tonight, at about 8:30 pm Pacific time, Paula Abdul announced on the microblogging service that she will not be returning for another stint as a judge on American Idol.

Abdul made the announcement on her Twitter account saying, “With sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to #Idol. I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all being part of a show that I helped from day one become an international phenomenon.” Now I was a little slow to catch on tonight because I made a trip to the gym. But it’s good to know that, when serious celebrity news strikes, I can count on Twitter to keep me posted.

I suppose that Twitter is just as good a vehicle as any when you want to make an announcement that is short and sweet and doesn’t say what really happened. You don’t even need 140 characters to say, “I quit my job.” The New York Times says that Abdul had been asking for a big raise. Abdul has been on the show for eight seasons. Frankly, I don’t think we’ll be missing out on much in terms of her great judging wisdom. Of course, I should keep that to myself, since Abdul has more than 833,000 fans on Twitter.