Today I have tried to make four different blogs, but I ereased them all.  So in thinking for a bit I am just going to do some of my random thoughts.  You may or may not agree with Random, but Random can be fun some times.

As Michael posted yesterday in his News Blips about Fat Princess getting a patch.  That is a good thing, but then again I am still enjoying this game.  I have played with a few of you all on there, but hope to get in some game time with the rest of you all as well.

With the delay’s of games I can be great full to Raven Software as now Singularity PS3 version is now a first day buy.  I don’t look forward to delay’s, but this one went from bargin bin to must get due to time.  The only other game to delay this season that is a first day buy for me is Darksiders which comes out in January.  I guess this round of delays will get the publishers not to over load the holiday season.

Speaking of the holiday season I wont be buying COD: MW2 even if it has night vision goggles.  I think in a way this game is making other publishers delay there games so it can reap all the holiday gold.  it may be just me, but I think Activision is getting gready even for it’s own britches.  Yes I will still buy MUA2, but that is cause I love Marvel.

One thing on my mind recently is phrases.  Games don’t have phrases people say often.  Games have more of a tone or sound people can relate to.  Mario will always have that coin sound to him.  Zelda will have many songs,but you know it came from Zelda.  Yes even Earthbound has a song you could tell only if you played the game though.  Hmm Maybe earthbound has a phrase, but you would not understand it unless you played the game though.  I don’t count Duke Nukem as having phrases cause the one most people remember is "Shake it baby" for the most part.

In the sea of lost games we have many that we would love to see remade from classis we love.  What is surprisng to me is no new indy developer is looking at Ducktales, Chip & Dale, QBert, or anything else we enjoy and make a new game with same addiction to it.  The day and age we stop making classics will be a sad day for gaming as it means our past will be lost unless something is done.

I think my random for today is over, but with that being said.  Cake is one a piece at a time you can feed the princess.  Since you have the power to game it is up to you to play how you want to.