Many times I hear about people talking about games that are gems from the past no one has ever played.  So I thought I would drop a short list of them that always will get talked about, but yet many gamers have really yet to play them. 

As a game for me to make my list it comes down to being truely unique with a quirk.  Yes I went there as well the only way to be different is by having a quirk that fits into the game.  So lets get the list going.

Gunsmoke – NES – This shooting game was enjoyable to frustrating at times.

Earthbound – SNES – If you played this then you know why.  If you have yet to play this game you wont understand the love I have for quirky games.

Earthworm Jim – Genesis – Who doesn’t love Flying Cows?

Southpark – N64 – if you have not played this in MP then your missing out on a lot of fun.  Only Split Screen other then 007 I enjoyed gaming in this ERA.

Space Station Silicon valley – N64 – Even with all the glitches I would love to have this remade once more.

Spawn – Dreamcast – If you have not played this game in Multi-player this would be the game to do in split screen after 007 & southpark.  Can’t go wrong with Todd McF’s approval.

Abe’s Odessey – PS1 – Great game and mis understood by many.  A better platformer then Mario IMO.

Shadow Hearts Series – PS2 – The only Series really worth talking about IMO on this console.  I thought it was even better then Kingdom Hearts in many ways.

Nights – Sega Saturn – If you enjoy flying around then this is one great game to play.  Yes I will take a hit for this one, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath – Xbox – Even though this was an exclusive it brought the Oddworld series back and changed some stuff up.  Great last game for this developer as well.

  Everything else for PS3, DS, PSP and 360 are all new and we know what those gems are.  There are so many things I could have written like Quest 64, Power Stone and many more that it would defeat the purpose.

With lots of games coming out it is easy to lose a great game in the mix.  As a Astronaut gamer as some people call my gaming habits.  I try to find the gems over the AAA most of the time.