Boobs make everything better. Seriously, without the idiots who market Evony, we’d never have the awesomeness below.

Cultural Blips:

New Plants vs. Zombies ads still keeping abreast of saucy Internet trends. We already showed you some hilarious Plants vs. Zombies ads making fun of the ridiculous boob-filled Evony banner ads, but we can’t ignore more zombie melons. Mmm, so deliciously rotten. [Offworld]


Mega Man crochet helmet offers perfect protection from dust, q-tips. Keep your ears warm with this crocheted Mega Man helmet from craft-maker Ginrei. One size fits all nerds. [TinyCartridge]


Crochet Mario characters cute enough to drool on. Isn’t this Tanooki Mario adorable? Any answer other than “yes” is wrong, by the way. [TinyCartridge]


NESynth turns your iPhone into a portable bleep blooper. Developer NewForestar is set to release an iPhone application entitled NESynth that turns your iPhone into an 8-bit synth. Y’know, in case you want to annoy your friends with a 8-bit rendition of “The Final Countdown.”


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