Apple has enjoyed a significant renaissance, especially after it’s precarious history in the 80’s and its suit against IBM (which really should have been made against the fledgling company known as Microsoft) left it on the brink of extinction.

Now it emerges not only as a favourite in certain industries, but has unexpectedly grown into the gaming market.


Yes it can.

Rumors about its next venture points  towards a “Macbook Touch”; apparently it’s a  tablet with a 10inch screen with a multi-touch display. The apparent focus is to become an  all-in-one media hub with gaming capabilities[1]. Sounds amazing – but does the Apple market want it?

Many of my friends work in industries that use Mac’s as opposed to Pc’s. My girlfriend, a freak of nature and a doctor in genetics and molecular biology, pursues the noble deed of finding a cure for cancer. She prefers the Mac over the Pc because her Mac can handle large amounts of data with ease and its operating system is pretty much crash proof, unlike Windows she claims. What she doesn’t use the Mac for is gaming and media.

Although her use of the iphone is different. Why? Because it is a portable device that provides simple controls that allows her to enjoy fun easy games for a short period. She uses the iPhone for her personal life, her Mac for her professional life.

look at me, I have the new Macbook Touch


She is not inclined to lug around a 10inch tablet even  if it does have one thousand and one more uses. Her  iphone is discreet and personal, the 10 inch tablet will  make her (and other potential users) look like Moses  with the ten commandments.

A potential replacement for the macbook and other  laptops? She doesn’t think so. She doesn’t like touch  typing. The touch screen is for occasional uses: drop  and drag, highlighting etc. She informs me that it  would be tiring to have to punch the screen every  second and with typing, she needs to feel the keys if she is to take her eyes of the keyboard.

Will Apple open successfully into the gaming console market?

I don’t believe so.

As Randy Smith explored in his article “isolution or itoilet?” ( unless the games become profoundly more in-depth, the hardcore gaming community will have little incentive to migrate over.

awesome games, can’t wait to play them all night long!

Plus, I doubt Pc gamers will move towards the Mac because they cannot customise the Mac. The Pc can be specialized for their gaming needs. The physical restriction of the size of the new touch screen Mac is also an issue. Even with great graphics, what can you see on a 10inch screen? I certainly don’t see people carrying around 40inch versions either.

what a great accessory to carry with you

What about the media side? I don’t think the public will take to kindly to hearing a movie being played out on a Mac tablet. Chances are, the individual will probably be mugged for the device. And if it serves as a media hub, we don’t really need it to be portable, unless you intend to stream into the Macbook Touch – if that is the case, who the hell wants to hold a 10 inch tablet when they’re chilling on the sofa or in bed?

Mac, the gaming and media console? Not yet.

As a potential gaming and media console, the new Mac venture poses more problems than solutions. Maybe Apple has bitten more than they can chew?

[1]Apple’s Next Project a Gaming-enabled Table, Dustin Quillen