Now I will be the first to tell you I wont do a subscription based game no matter what it is.  How ever there is always that one time you will break a rule and I may have found my out.  If you don’t like subscription based games, but stick to one game for years on end then maybe this article is for you.

 Microsoft is treading a fine line with the XBL service they provide.  As in a sense you are paying to play on-line with others.  Sony does not have this yet, but will have a game that will be subscription based though with DC Universe Online.  We are starting to see a trend where we have to pay for a service to pay to play on-line for a fee.

Everyone heard the rumors of Activision wanting to make a Call of Duty game this way.  At first I said that wont happen and I would rather purchase Halo if it came to that.  After today’s e-mail I read a concept that may interest even the gamers who are against subsciptions like myself.  Funny thing it has nothing to do with World of Warcraft at all.

Cryptic Studios and Atari in a press release today stated that a lifetime subscription of Champions Online will cost $199 plus tax.  I am leaving out all the incentives for this since we are only talking about the subscription part of this.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  A life time subscritpion to a game that could go on for ages.  That is a great amount of time in a game for any Man, Woman or Child. 

Now lets take Halo 3/ COD if it had a life tiem subscription to it.  The developers would have money to make improvements, new areas and authority to branch out further.  Loyalty would be to the developer which would be bigger then most as it would dominate the consoles and what people are playing. 

This could very well happen in the future.  All I hope for is that if we know it is going to be a game we are going to play for 3-10 years.  Give us the right to pay a lifetime subscription to the game instead of monthly payments that will be more then this subscription will ever be.