What is this? A new World of WarCraft trailer? We get it, WoW. You don’t want us to have lives. Thanks a lot, asshole.

Video Blips:

World of WarCraft Call of the Crusade trailer looks like WarCraft. Which means WoW fans are having nerdgasms right now. [GameTrailers]


Continue after the break for Army of Two: The 40th Day office shenanigans, DJ Hero gameplay, and Scribblenauts monster fighting.


Army of Two mercenaries make killer temps. Except for their inability to thwart renegade copy machines. [GameTrailers]


DJ Hero looks really easy. Scratch that. Reverse it, and insert “I-want-my-mommy hard.” [Joystiq]


Oh, look: Random monster fighting in Scribblenauts. Bet you’ve never seen this before. [GameVideos]