Boy do we love pinball. Such a fun game — smack a metal ball with flippers. Brilliant! But we always felt something was missing from this classic co-op game. Then after reading crafty modder Benjamin Heckendorn’s blog, it totally dawned on us. The one thing that pinball was missing to truly make it magical was slap-your-forehead obvious: American movie actor Bill Paxton.

Y’know, the dude from Aliens and True Lies and countless other movies you’ve probably seen but don’t remember him being in. Think about it: Bill Paxton Pinball. Why, the combination is every bit as perfect as Halo Risk.

OK, maybe not. Actually, Bill Paxton pinball sounds utterly ridiculous. But that’s why it’s so awesome. Another reason why it’s awesome? Benjamin Heckendorn is actually making it. Check out the work-in-progress pics from his blog:

We’d say this a waste of time, but that would be terrible lie. Hell, anything involving Bill Paxton and pinball is worth all the time in the world.