We’re pissed with Activision Blizzard. It’s despicable they’re only planning to charge us twice for Modern Warfare 2 DLC. Why, it’s like they don’t want to rip us off!

News Blips:

Activision Blizzard slacking: Only Two Modern Warefare 2 DLC updates planned. Well, this is odd: Activision Blizzard has confirmed only two DLC updates for Modern Warfare 2 are currently in the works. Only two, guys? Really? You’re Activision Blizzard! Anything less than 17 makes it really hard for us to make fun of you. [Shacknews]

Best Buy saves you from scraping off annoying “Used” stickers. Apparently retail chain Best Buy is starting a new promotion where it will match used game prices you see at places like GameStop. Better hurry before all the choice hitz are snagged. [CheapAssGamer]

New teaser site? Oh, that’s creative! Yep, there’s another teaser site popping up this week, this one for a new Sega role-playing game that will be revealed on August 20th. Do a Sega a favor and pretend like you care. [GameSpot]

Last week’s Square Enix teaser ends up being — wait for it — an arcade collectible card game. Yep, Square Enix’s countdown clock from last week ended up being arcade collectible card game Lord of Vermilion 2. How exciting. [Joystiq]


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