“Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.” -Potter Stewart, American judge and associate justice US Supreme Court 1958-81

Curious that a person from that period of time is the one making such a statement, especially when the controversy some people make out of videogames are taken into consideration; most of those complaining about games are younger than this dude, yet they treat games as people from Potter’s time treated comics: at the inception of comic books, somebody who’s name I forgot, and who I am not going to dignify by putting their name here anyway decided to say that Batman and Robin were homosexuals(?!), just because they didn’t like the idea of comics.

As we all know and loathe, videogames are going through that, and much worse.

The ones complaining the most are government figures(Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tipper Gore, and I don’t know if he’s still in the government or what, but for the Australians, Michael Atkinson). It no longer comes as a surprise how something that’s supposed to be for the people is run by people who only care about their opinions rather than what those who elected them truly want.

These people don’t seem to have learned the constitution and are willing to eviscerate our most important and fundamental right, “for the sake of the children”(notice how the children are always used to mask such violations? I could make this into a WHOLE other topic!).

In the process, they apparently forget who is making the purchase in the first place. The ones at fault are these people: adults either stupidly unaware that there is a rating system in place for games, or adults who simply couldn’t be bothered to check the capital letter on the lower left corner at the front of the box, and why it was rated thus.

One woman complained to me about this sort of lack of responsibility: she said that it wouldn’t bother her if her son was older, but at the moment, he’s only ten, so she had to explain to her husband why he shouldn’t have bought their son GTA: Vice City.

She wasn’t protesting, but I couldn’t help feeling enraged at the fact that the employees did not seem to make any effort to make him aware of the content. Sometimes, they are the ones responsible for the madness, and even if they’re not at fault, most conveniently use them as scapegoats.

Personally, the first M rated game(though I don’t know if it was rated that back  in 1995) was Doom. I don’t know what was up with computers at the time, but someone managed to install it in the school computers, and I was blasting away at aliens when I was seven.

I often visited my cousins to watch them play(and still do, though not as often), and was there when Resident Evil came out. The only consequence for me at least was having nightmares about zombies for almost three months straight, but I kept on visiting anyway.

Other than that, I haven’t killed anyone yet, and I apply logic and reason to my actions; none of what I do is unjustified.

I read an article in a surfing magazine about how adults are actually more terrified than the children; the adults tend to think,”The waves are too high, the current too fast, there are too many sharks, they might fall and hit the reef, etc”, whereas the kids just swim out and hop right on the board with no worries, and mostly, without problems.

Now that Jack Thompson, a figure as well known and loathed, and as ignored as Uwe Boll, has finally found SOMETHING to do with himself, and Clinton is doing whatever, Chicago’s transit chief has decided to ban M rated game advertisements because, “…they compare similarly to X-rated movies”.

The majority of us obviously no longer pay attention to such stupidity and ignorance. We only respond to them so that we can get our kicks.

What I would really like to know is what is the difference between the maturity of the rest of the world and Japanese kids? My cousin says that Monster Hunter 2nd G is better than Freedom Unite because whenever the monsters get hit, much blood comes out in the process.

This saddens me, because in Japan, the kids can play it at the age of twelve, whereas over here, you have to be at least thirteen to play a much watered down crappy version instead of the original, real thing.

What makes us so different? Why is it that the only time I get to see blood gushing all over the place in geysers is in mature rated Western games I more often than not don’t much care for?

Japanese kids can purchase games in the Silent Hill series at the age of sixteen; because I’m nowhere near tall, when I went to purchase Silent Hill Origins, I was told I needed to have an adult with me to get it. I appreciate the enforcement of the rating system and all, but I was NINETEEN!!!

I would like someone to explain why it is that you can watch Bruno at the age of seventeen, or when accompanied by someone at least that old isn’t such a problem, but watching exaggerated amounts of blood coming out of monsters is. What’s with the disparity?

Here is a look at stupidity, courtesy of government people, and folks with too much time on their hands and not enough knowledge of what they should do with it:

-The Timothy Plan(a supposedly Christian investment firm, of all things) made a list for the holiday season in 2008 of what they deemed to be the most offensive games on the market. While the usual suspects were there, they had some very interesting victims for even more interesting excuses they referred to as reasons: Army of Two had “homosexual encounters”.

Metal Gear Solid 4 has “women in sexually revealing clothing and romances are implied”. They complain about the Xbox Live achievement you get in Bully for kissing 20 boys(um, homosexuality galore), and have problems with the game because you can taunt people by calling them losers, and/or calling boys girls(they should concern themselves over this kind of behavior in real people, but I guess they forgot what inspired the game).

World of Warcraft and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures were put into the Game Addiction category. At least they said that they weren’t attempting to ban videogames or dictate whether people should play them!

-Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure was banned in Australia just because the game involves graffiti

-PETA is protesting Cooking Mama because it’s “too meat focused”. Now, this is one of the best PETA protests, because they made an interesting game for it(interesting until you get to the end, unless you like tofu). I must say that this is the second only good thing that PETA has done, the first being the commercial that got banned from the Superbowl(so sad). I couldn’t help but download the wallpaper. For those interested

Cooking Mama, The Unauthorized PETA Edition: Mama Kills Animals

-finally, China has banned online gangster games because they,”encourage people to deceive, loot, kill, and glorify gangster life. They advocate obscenity, gambling, violence and undermine morality and Chinese traditional culture”. It seems that the only games targeted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture are Chinese MMOs.

Based on the gamers’ response, I’m not the only one displeased by regulations put into place by geezers who forgot the things they did in their youth; one gamer complained about how he had just finished stealing a large amount of yuan from somebody when the screen suddenly went blank