If you’re a human, you may not like this Dust: An Elysian Tail trailer. But if you’re into dressing up like furry animals, well, let’s just stop right there…

Video Blips:

Furries are going to yiff this one up. Dust: An Elysian Tail is probably the prettiest game we’ve seen featuring anthropomorphic animals. Sonic fans are going to have a fanart field day with this one (help!). [GameVideos]


Continue after the break for the making of Batman: Arkham Asylum, scary details about Dead Space: Extraction, and backwards gameplay in Madden NFL 10.


Batman: Arkham Asylum is made by people. That’s what you learn by watching this video (sorry for spoiling!). [GameTrailers]


Dead Space: Extraction will make your Wii scream. If your Wii is capable of getting frightened by scary monsters (it’s not). [GameTrailers]


Madden NFL 10 is all backwards. Or at least in this trailer (you can’t do this in real life — we’ve tried). [GameTrailers]