buzzWhen the iPhone 3G S launched two months ago boasting a video-recording feature, we all knew there’d be a surge of user-generated video content. The 3G S is the ultimate video-blogging tool: It provides a faster network, and lets you edit your video straight on your phone too.

Combine that with location, and you’ve got quite a powerful tool. That’s what a new video iPhone app, Buzz, has done with a new application that launched today (the date on the app says Aug 4, but Apple has just allowed it). It offers a way to geotag your user-generated mobile videos, and then search for them on a global map. buzz-logo-11

You can search for videos from other users too. The pure focus on location and video, combined with the iPhone 3G S’ speed, makes it an especially useful tool for mobilizing people around events, and political protests come to mind. I’ll be interested to see whether this application gets adopted in countries where there is civil unrest.

Of course, that’s not all it can be used for. As the application owners note, it can also be used to find hot parties going on in your San Francisco neighborhood, see who’s on stage at the Music Festival in Chicago or watch a high speed chase in Boston. You can sort videos by categories (attractions, entertainment, music, food, hangout, nightlife, trendy) and you can also specify the proximity of videos you want to see (five miles away, or less than half a mile, etc).