Yes I blame all american sports developers.  Now you may call this stupid, but it is my gripe so lets talk about it.  No really if your a sports fan it is more then the next Madden or MLB the Show that I talk about.

Seriously I am kinda annoyed that we don’t get sports games from other countries.  Now you may think I am some what loco, but I want Cricket.  Yes I am american, but why can’t someone bring a game like this to the states?  I may not know the rules or regulations of the sport, but who knows it may be nice to play. 

The closes thing a foreign game has come state side is when OXM put darts on one of there discs.  So really if this can come via disk why can’t some american developer make some thing like Rugby, Cricket or any other foreign game we don’t play here?  

Like I said earlier I may be the only one who thinks this, but how about mixing it up a little in the sports world.  It may be a small portion of us who want this, but then again who cares I want other sports games.  So what do you all think about this subject?