This man is wanted by several different international crime-fighting agencies.  He is dangerous, insane, and has been known to carry an ipod and psp.  Shoot on sight.  For details on how to attain your reward for the capture of this individual, hit the jump!








Bitmobber: Lance Darnell

Profession: Lowly Data Entry Dude
Local: London, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: The_Lancer
Live: Sparkley Puppy
Three adjectives to describe yourself: Overworked, Underpaid, Eccentric 

What do you like best about BITMOB?: I can read stuff from the ex-EGM Dudes.  Then read some blogs from smart and savvy Gamers, and then write something of my own and it is actually put up in the same space! 


Okay, so that is the information from the Bitmobber post.  And now I would like to take inspiration from James DeRosa and Evan Killham's posts and go into third-person mode.

The Lancer, as he is called by his friends, currently resides in the town of his birth: London, Ontario:

Digital Extremes works out of  the glass building to the left of  center of this picture.









The Lancer has a degree in Ancient History and Religions, but has yet to find any career that allows him to use all of the useless  knowledge he has required.

Instead The Lancer works as a Deaccessioner.  Which means that he takes  artifacts and records that  were once part of a  collection and removes them from that collection.  This requires a lot of data entry and paperwork, and is without a doubt the most boring job in the history of humankind.  The Lancer feels that this job is making him lose his fragile little mind, but he gets to work from home a lot, so it all evens out.

But The Lancer does need his head examined:

Besides video games, which obviously The Lancer really likes, he also has a fascination with Elephant genitalia:

And The Lancer really likes to travel:

This is The Lancer in  Quebec City during  its  400th Anniversary  Celebration.

When The Lancer is not playing video games, reading articles on Bitmob or working, he likes to make mini-documentaries on strange stuff, such as UFOs:

[video: 420×380]

The Lancer could not be happier about being a small part of Bitmob, and would gladly take a bullet for any of his fellow Bitmobbers – just don't ask him to!