I’ve often had some of the most reassuring of thoughts when listening/reading the damndest things coming from the damndest people. Example:

I was just reading some measly update about a Pokemon remake on 1up, when I started reading the comments. They pretty much read all the way one would think. “OMFG i wnt t hat so har d.”

The statement was echoed (with similar grammar, as well.) by everybody, until I reached the inevitable squabble that pops up whenever you have a group of people who t-bag in Halo and a group that grinds for five hours to defeat Flannery nice and hard inhabiting the same area.

A swell chap took the time out of his day to provide the deepest of insight about Pokemon; that is, that anybody who plays it over the age of ten should grow up. Now, these are the same people who fight tooth and nail over whether or not liking Pikachu in any way shape or form makes a half-retarded idiot who wears rubber glove with the fingers cut out.

They don’t take no shit, son. So, a kind soul responded, possibly trying to illustrate that using sweeping generalizations is what is holding the whole world back from a possible ten dollar, tax-deductible blowjob day. It came out a little mangled, I’d say. He pretty much told the Poke-hater that he was probably a thirty year-old who still lived with his parents.

Hmm. Not the best of jobs in the “showing a misguided soul the true path” fashion, but a little fire always helps put out a fire, right?

“What exactly could two completely petty jerk-offs do to make you have an opinion,” you’re probably asking me, though I surely can’t hear you. I’ll tell you, future, probably nonexistent reader. They made me realize that gaming is truly a huge industry. Why is it that this of all things helped figure it out?

Because I’ve heard the pretty much exact same conversation before, except with animated movies. Gaming has so many different genres, that it’s exactly like movies, books, TV shows, or music! My friends, we have arrived.