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tomtomTom Tom GPS app for the iPhone draws a $100 price — Engadget rounds up early reviews and finds that it’s well liked … by guys who just spent a hundred bucks on it.

IBM says DNA could become part of microchipsFuture generations of semiconductors may use artificial DNA as part of their basic structures.

MySpace buys music-centric social network iLike — Two months after laying off a third of the company, MySpace CEO Owen van Natta is said to be in talks to buy music-centric social network iLike for a rumored $20 million. It’s a meh exit for early investors Ali Partovi and others, but a sensible deal for Ticketmaster, which put $13.3 million into the company as a front-end to funnel fans into its ticket selling system. Mike Arrington went kind of crazy at TechCrunch listing every possible use for iLike, but we’re skeptical whenever a company tries to build out a perfectly good Web thingy into an all-purpose platform. If MySpace only connects band pages to concert tickets, that seems a good enough business by itself.

MSNBC.com acquires EveryBlock — Microsoft’s web site buys EveryBlock, which covers local news intensely.