socialsafeSo you’re a loyal Facebook user. You’ve uploaded hundreds of photos, countless status updates, and you’ve friend-ed everyone from pre-school to your current job.

That’s up to five years of your life digitally preserved on the site, so what do you do if your account gets hacked, your computer gets stolen with all your photos on it or you one day want to deactivate?

That’s where SocialSafe comes in. It’s a $2.99 Adobe Air application that downloads your profile, social graph and photos onto your hard drive. The next version will also include your wall as well.

While Facebook might not want to make social graphs too portable — lest users take their data and transport it to a newer, sleeker social network in the future — the company has kept up a “constructive” dialogue with SocialSafe’s creator iBundle.

“Facebook’s interaction with us has been fair and amicable so far,” said Julian Ranger, founder of iBundle, the U.K.-based company behind SocialSafe. “They were very heavy on privacy, but they’ve certainly said to us that they have no concern with us backing up the data.”

The application also only downloads photos that belong to you, so it can’t take photos tagged of you that are owned by other people.

Ranger has self-funded iBundle thus far and plans to expand SocialSafe to other networks. A proven entrepreneur, he ran and later sold a military consultancy called Stasys Limited to Lockheed Martin Corp. in 2005.

SocialSafe Demo – Introducing Time Capsule from Pascal Wheeler on Vimeo.