Like Wii’nus Envy there are people like me who have Beta Envy.  Today I will dig a little deeper to explain what I mean so others can express there thoughts as well.  Now back to our schedualed Beta Envy program.

Beta envy may or may not happen to you.  Really all it amounts to be is seeing your friends play a Beta version of a game your not participating in as well.  Now we all know Beta games are not the true final form for most of the games that are about to come out.  How ever it is also a way that companies can get better feedback on how a game is before the final product is released.

The reason I choose this was last night while playing G-Force I noticed several people on my PSN ID playing the MAG Beta.  Of course there were others that were playing the WET Demo from Europe or LBP and other games.  How ever I wanted to be in the Beta with them and share the experience.

So my question is to you have you ever been in envy mode for someone else who is in a Beta you wanted to be in?  Also which Beta was this for?

Those of you who own Xbox 360’s the R.U.S.E Beta Sign ups are here so sign up if you wanted to try the game before hand.  I have no link, but sure can guide you to it.