To be honest I didn’t finish the game because my wife wants to rent a movie.  Yes I have a thing with blockbuster I can only have one movie or game out at a time.  Even though I did not finish it I got far enough in the story to tell you about it with out spoiling it.


To start this is a one player game that has puzzle & adventure charateristics to it.  Depending what you call action you may or may not have that here.  The ESRB shows E for Everyone, but really I am not sure what E means, but will break into this later on.  How ever the game comes with 3D glasses you can use to play the game.  I did not use this feature as I saw it kinda annoying.

So the game started and I see this great hampster mobile that I want to drive.  How ever my dreams of driving during this were smashed by cut scenes and talking.  On the good note we finally got to the game after a short tutorial to work the controls.

Levels are short, but because your so small compared to the rest of the place your in it feels so much bigger.  With in each level you need to destroy the enemies and collect silver & gold discs.  For the most part there are puzzles for you to solve in order to complete the objective.

Even on normal it was not hard to really deal with.  Some times it may seem like your back tracking in areas you have seen before as well.

Weapons & Upgrades are found by collecting Gold & Silver discs respectively.  Now there are machines you use these disks in if you collect enough in game currency.  Of course what would a game be if there was not a currency system.  Of course as you progress the prices go up just like in real life.

Maps & life are mainly the other things you might worry about.  How ever on this game I rarely used my map.  In place of my map i used the right directional pad button to see where I needed to go.

As far as your health you have a total of five hearts you can have in the game each one with full health.  So if you know your about to die save the game as you can go back to the last place that said checkpoint on the screen with full health.

Enemies are in the form of mechanical creatures running around the levels.  Some of these enemies can only be defeated by another enemy you have to activate.  Yes I thought this was stupid as well where you have to active an enemy to destroy an enemy and now you still have that enemy.

One of the more annoying things about the enemies is that a new one pops up almost any time you move to a new location.  Stopping to just see an enemies name sucks about 15 secs of waisted time.

Overall it is a decent game if your looking for throphies or achievements.  When I saw the ESRB that said E on it I thought maybe my daughter could play this.  How ever this was not the case as it is more suited for kids about the age of seven to grasp controls and fundamentals of this game.  So if your a dad or mother looking for a game your kids can watch you play this would be it as a rental.