Editor’s note: Chukwuma’s arguments for buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Prestige Edition has convinced me to buy it — I can justify the night-vision goggles by wearing them while editing Bitmob stories! -Jason


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition is easily the most epic collectors’ set this side of the Halo 3: Cat Helmet Edition. In fact, it tops the H3:CHE, considering that it comes with freakin’ night-vision goggles that you and your cat (or dog, for that matter) can wear. The $149.99 Prestige Edition’s so epic that it’s turned most of us into giant hypocrites, myself included.

We’ve all complained on message boards and comment threads about how unnecessary special editions have become, but now many of us are trying to find legitimate excuses to justify integrating night-vision goggles into our everyday lives. Well I, for one, don’t like being called a hypocrite, so here are four ways to justify buying the Prestige Edition this fall.



It’ll Make the Most Mundane Tasks Seem Badass
Washing the dishes is a lot like playing Sonic Unleashed for a review; both tasks completely blow, and you’d rather pay your younger sibling to do them. Washing the dishes with night-vision goggles? It’s badass. At least for the person wearing them.

You can treat chores like Splinter Cell missions. Your girlfriend, wife, or parents may think that you look like an idiot, but they can’t complain since your contributing to a clean household for the first time in your life. Speaking of Sam Fisher….


It’ll Help You Go ‘Splinter Cell’ on Your Friends
I’m not sure how it is with women, but men always have that one obnoxious friend. He’s the guy that gets you kicked out of public places for starting a fight (with someone bigger than him) or does something downright stupid.

Next time he pulls a stunt like that, sneak into his apartment and flip all of the switches on the circuit breaker, leaving the place pitch black. Lure him into the darkness, and then punch him in the face from time to time. This is even better when your friend’s drunk, because he’ll have no idea about what the heck’s going on.


It’ll Improve Your Sex Life
Are you and your significant other looking to try new things in bed? Buy two Prestige Editions and get your Paris Hilton on. Just keep the sex tape to yourself. Who knew video games could save relationships rather than destroy them?


It Comes with Modern Warfare 2
We shouldn’t forget that these night-vision goggles come with what could be the biggest game of this generation. If there were any game that you’d spend over a hundred clams on, it would be Modern Warfare 2. I’ll go out on a limb and say that MW2 is probably going to be a good game. But I dunno — you might want to wait for the Metacritic scores to roll in.

— Chukwuma “ChuBoi” Morah is a writer for Pushingplay.com.