It’s always fun to find old Internet videos from yesteryear. Like, have you watched this badger video lately? Haha! So funny. Just look at all those badgers dancing. How silly! What’s this about a mushroom? Haha! We don’t even know, but it’s too funny. Wow, we’re dying here. Seriously, call 911…help!

OK, we’re back. Phew! Close call. No more funny videos, though — they’re too dangerous. Instead, check out this amazingly detailed stick figure kung-fu fight. Yes, that sounds really lame, but the only thing that’s lamer is someone who hasn’t seen this video. So for the sake of sounding hip and cool, just say you have. But for all you totally-not-cool Internet losers out there, here it is:

Man, why hasn’t this been made into a game yet? Seriously, it never gets old. Just like this little guy.