Terrible song, but a horrid truth for some companies and some of us. You see, there are some series such as Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and Castlevania that have been around practically since the beginning of gaming time, and THEY’RE STILL AROUND…

    With great horror, some of us view these series and think of them the same way we do of metal bands like Iron Maiden: bands that could have been legends but decided to try to get back into recording/showbiz. Do we really want to see thinning hair and wrinkly sagging skin on the people who once upon a time scared and/or enraged our parents?

      Well, it’s the same with videogames: the people who create them just can’t seem to let go of them because of the popularity they have had, and unfortunately, the series’ subsequent games are not nearly as fantastic as those preceding them. Some look on with feelings that cannot be put to words as their favorite series are “destroyed” by companies that had nothing to do with them in the first place(Silent Hill).

          Others are shocked out of their minds when suddenly, a beloved director is replaced by another, perhaps exaggeratedly well known director(Castlevania). All of a sudden, the game(s) start to look and become something completely different from what its fan base is used to.

          Many tend to say that when the people responsible for the series no longer feel like making games for it, instead of passing the torch, they should extinguish it entirely. They claim that the problem is that the creators and the company lack the capacity to let go of the series, to give it up rather than attempt to milk a cash cow that is producing milk with bad quality.

       At times, I myself am one of those people. I still can’t explain how I felt when I found out that Kojima Hideo was directing the latest iteration of Castlevania. Then there are those who site Metal Gear Solid 4 as a movie that tries to call itself a game. I wouldn’t know, but in its defense, nobody was ever that harsh to the Xenosaga series.

      So, taking that into consideration, I must say that we too are plagued by the same problem: we can’t let go of the past. Why else would we complain so vehemently against things like this, trying to prevent it from happening, practically clamoring for the successor’s head?

     We look at all that could go wrong; we don’t have high hopes for whatever it may be either, because having high hopes usually results in crushed dreams, or because we have no hope at all in the first place. In those cases, rather than speaking negatively, we should just sit back, enjoy another game and see what happens. All we gain from saying, ” They just won’t let go of the past!” is contradiction, because we are the exact same way. 
     The only two series for which such claims are justified without contradicting ourselves would be Halo, where Microsoft realizes they have something that attracts many like metal to magnets, which leads to attempts to milk it for all they think it’s worth, and Final Fantasy, which is to me the worst offender in its attempt to be too many things to very different people.

       Personally, I would like it if Squenix worked on their other series, like Grandia and Valkyrie Profile. While VP: Covenant of the Plume hasn’t been out for long, the series only has three games including this one. Other people would like another Parasite Eve. Either way, they have other amazing series that haven’t been touched for eons all for the sake of a series that consists of thirty four games. THIRTY FOUR GAMES, PEOPLE!!!

     I don’t care if it hasn’t come out yet or if it’s not available on consoles or even if the Japanese are the only ones who’ve played it. I don’t care if it doesn’t have a number next to it or if it doesn’t say Final Fantasy on the box.

        As long as it has something from the Final Fantasy world, it is in its essence a game with some sort of affiliation with the Final Fantasy universe. Most of the games in the series are not canon, so trying to say that XII and XIV “are actually online games” will be result less, and so is saying that Chocobo Tales is a kids game.

   It doesn’t matter because Squenix knows how crazy people are over FF to the point where they decided to sell games in the Romancing SaGa and Mana series under the guise of a Final Fantasy game(they were sold as Final Fantasy Legend and Final Fantasy Adventure, respectively). They’re all part of the unfortunate cow who’s utters are pumped in a mechanical factory.

    The series is great, but thirty four games(and counting) is just too much! As a result of the milking, Final Fantasy may well be the ONLY thing Squenix will get credit and be remembered for(they have other things going for them, but much to my disappointment, those things are in Japan, like Shonen Gangan, responsible for publishing the likes of Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and other quality manga/anime).

      Just because apparently most people here like blowing **** up doesn’t mean there isn’t a decent amount of people who actually like JRPGs(as they are now ridiculously called) and other genres. I include myself in the group of people who lust for more Zone of the Enders and actually prefer that over Metal Gear any day.

        The point is, the past should be let go of when there are too many games in the series, or when the person who created it seems to have a different vision for what they want their game to be.