OK, sure the news of a new World of WarCraft expansion is pretty exciting. But we’re still waiting to hear about the next update for The Matrix Online. What? They shut that game down? Duuuuude!

News Blips:

Better buy some deodorant: World of WarCraft: Cataclysm announced. Blizzard announced today at BlizzCon that the third WoW expansion will arrive sometime next year and will include two new races, a higher level cap, and other fun stuff that only really makes sense if you play the game. And if you do, you’re probably at Blizzcon right now drowning in your own drool, so we don’t even know why we’re wasting our time… [1UP]

Non-singing Monks added to Diablo 3. In other BlizzCon news, Monks are joining Barbarians, Witch Doctors, and Wizards as official character classes for Diablo 3. Halo fans will not be pleased with their lack of an annoying chant attack. [Shacknews]

Final Fantasy 13 too fat to fit on one 360 disc. Due to the bloated nature of Final Fantasy 13, the upcoming Square Enix role-playing game will likely take up about three DVDs. No wonder the PS3 slimmed down. [Kotaku]

How sad/hungry: Average US gamer depressed/fat. A government study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that the average US gamer is 35, fat, and depressed. Shit! We didn’t realize our lifes sucked so hard. Damn, you video games! Daaaamn you! [GameSpot]

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