irexIrex Technologies announced a partnership with Barnes & Noble today for its ebook reader, joining in the heavy competition to rival the popular Kindle. When the Dutch company releases its eReader in the fall, books provided by the popular bookseller will be available on the device.

Irex is the second electronic book company to pair with Barnes & Nobles eBookstore, following Plastic Logic in July. While both companies are working to provide competition with Amazon’s electronic book leader, neither device is available yet in the U.S.

The Irex eReader has not been previewed for the US yet, but the newest device will include an 8.1-inch touch screen, stylus navigation, and 3G wireless connectivity. The 3G provider will be announced in the next couple weeks.

Kevin Hamilton, North American Chief Executive of Irex, said the larger screen size — displaying richer content — is one of the many features that will make the eReader stiff competition for the Kindle. Although Amazon’s costly Kindle Dx will be 9.7-inches across, the standard version is only 6-inches. The eReader will also provide a large selection of magazines and newspapers, Hamilton said.

Most of the books available on Barnes & Noble eBookstore are priced at around $9.99, about the same as books bought for the Kindle. The company is expecting an increase to over one million titles throughout the next year.

The eReader will be available both online and in retail stores.