No this is not about games that came from movies.  Or movies that were made about games either.  More or less this is about two movies I know of that you may not heard of that kinda revolves around games in a way.


The first movie is called The NINES starring Ryan Reynolds.  No many people have heard of this movie.  I also will say if you watch this movie you wont under stand the game reference till close to the end.  Yes I am serious, but then again this is one movie that you do have to pay attention to.

There are many dry parts, but then again I enjoyed it all after realizing I was watching it wrong in a sense.

Now my next movie I want to highlight is also a lesser known movie called BenX.  This is one movie an MMO On-Line player should watch.  I say this as it revolves around a few on-line players.  Even though I understood what was going on I am glad they made a movie like this in a way.

Yes I know other movies are out there that have games depicted in them.  However I believe these two movies best center around games in two distinct and different methods.  So as a gamer and if your interested I say give these a shot.

If you choose to watch one I say The NINES would be the better choice because you understand at the end and not the begining.

Out side of the video game based movies or movies coming to games. How do you see games portrayed in movies?