We really hope Sony is readying a Wii Sports rip-off for their new PlayStation 3 motion controller. We’re all about a little physical fun in springtime, but with all of the insects, smog, and random and indiscriminate bear attacks, the outside world’s obviously for suckers.

News Blips:


• Screw nature — spend next spring by jostling the PS3’s magic wand. While speaking about the new PS3 motion controller, Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai told Times Online that they’re “slating it for spring of next year.” That leaves them plenty of time to come up with a name far less innuendo-laden than “magic wand.” [Times Online]


• Splicers, meet zombies: 28 Weeks Later director may take on BioShock flick. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s evidently in talks to helm the adaptation of the waterlogged action/adventure game, with Pirates of the Caribbean Director Gore Verbinski set to produce. We can’t wait to watch the famous scene where charming swashbuckler Andrew Ryan gets eaten alive by a pack of ravenous undead. [Variety]

• New Mass Effect DLC coming, hopefully without more elevators. Mass Effect 2? Pfft, that’s so 8 months to 12 months from now. Everyone knows all of the cool kids are still playing Mass Effect, and it looks like they’ll be getting more content soon. Thanks to a leak from the official Swedish Xbox site, we know the “Pinnacle Station” DLC will add 2 hours to 3 hours of new gameplay for $5. [Eurogamer]

• Tricia Helfer joins StarCraft 2, and nerds joygasm. Battlestar Galactica actress Tricia Helfer’s taking on the roll of Kerrigan, Queen of Blades in Blizzard’s StarCraft sequel. Since Helfer also provided voicework for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, this can mean only one thing: a StarCraft fan and a C&C fan must fight to the death to determine which series Helfer favors. Win her love, warriors! [VG247]

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