tweetmeme2Tweetmeme, a content aggregator and sharing service fueled by tweets, is experimenting with commenting features to bolster its position as a leading Twitter-tracking service.

The U.K.-based site tracks retweets, a way of sharing content on the microblogging network, to fuel its main page of popular links and its real-time search results. Tweetmeme’s traffic soared to near 12 million unique visitors last month from 6,000 at the beginning of the year, according to Compete.

With Tweetmeme’s update, you can go to the site, comment on links, reply to others and send out your thoughts via Twitter. Enabling discussions on the site may drive more traffic and data back to Tweetmeme. It may also put it in more direct competition with other commenting services like Disqus and JS-Kit Echo, which compiles comments across multiple social networks including Facebook and Google Reader. There’s also Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect, which may ultimately have the leg-up because both services are tied to people’s authentic IDs and profiles. (Tweetmeme is naturally linked to its namesake, Twitter.) As Disqus has demonstrated, comments are becoming less and less tethered to pages, so attaching them to Twitter is just one way of simultaneously furthering a discussion while driving new visitors back to a piece of content.

Tweetmeme’s creator, British startup has raised 650,000 pounds ($1.1 million) in angel funding.