Hey guy, this is my first game review any comments will be greatly appreciated thanks.

Wii Sports Resort Review

Score: 8.0


Score of individuals:

Graphics: 7.0

Gameplay: 8.0

Design: 8.0


Good points:

·       Fun to play with others

·       Uses the Wii motionplus very well

·       Shipped with Wii motionplus


Bad points:

·       Only get one Wii Motionplus

·       Models and textures are always see being recycled which takes away charter from the game

·       There are some very bad games in the mix


You may like it if you like:

·       Wii sports

·       If you think your Wii was useless (like I did)

·       Party games

·       Have lots of friends and family



I was a hater of the first Wii sports, hated the crowds of people that said “this is the best game in the world” and how everyone loved Wii bowling but now Nintendo have give us a sequel with the new gadget call the Wii Motionplus  will it still rain supreme to casual gamer or will it fail at all costs.

The new Wii sports feels more like a full retail game having lots more mini games for you to indulge in, and with the new Wii Motionplus most are never short of fun. There are a couple to avoid like cycling, canoeing, bowling, air sports, power cursing, and even basketball can get repetitive but you decide for yourself.

My personal favourites are archery, swordplay, table tennis and Frisbee golf as these used the Wii Motionplus the best and where most fun. Archery was my over all favorite with the best realism of the Wii Motionplus there is a great reward in getting a bull’s-eye in the harder difficulty levels which trust me are hard.

Swordplay, great for that realistic feeling and allows you to whack hell out Miis, “Total Win” also it has a speed slice mode which really dose keep you on your toes. Another sport that keeps you on your toes is table tennis and it will deafly make you work hard to win and I found very fun.

And my last favourite sport was Frisbee golf and it is very hard but rewarding when you get that perfect throw, it proves to be great fun in groups as you can pass the Wii mote around.

As for the other sports they don’t feel as perfected as these and are not as fun to use the Wii Motionplus with, they just feel like extras because they could attitude about them.


The Conclusion:

Over all Wii Sports Resorts is a big one up on the first game and we can only hope that this new little extra Wii Motionplus beings the new wave of Wii games for the more hardcore audience.

So be like me if you were a hater and got a Wii lying around  doing nothing try Wii Sports Resorts though it does feel like some of the sports are just bolt on rubbish just play the good ones don’t hate the whole game, you are bound to get some fun out on it.