Shadow Complex draws obvious inspiration from games like Metroid and Castlevania. Its scope and polish make Shadow Complex one of the best downloadable games of the year thus far.’s David Ellis and Bitmob’s Dan “Shoe” Hsu drop in on Cesar and me to discuss whether Shadow Complex’s a rip-off of — or well-intentioned homage to — classic and all-too-soon-discarded styles of gameplay.

We also tread familiar waters to check out Wolfenstein RPG for the iPhone. Does shooting Nazis (in the standard forms of soldiers, zombies, and skeletons) in corridors blend well with roleplaying elements? Ryan and Cesar take a break from laundry to talk about it.
I’ve been attempting to take over the world, one territory at a time, for weeks with Little King’s Story. This Pikmin-like adventure looks simple at first, but it took dozens of hours of invading, building, decorating, and conquering to expand my empire. Anthony Gallegos of and Eat.Sleep.Game and’s Alice Liang check in with me to see if the task ended up being more than we bargained for.

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