Yes I choose today’s topic based on color’s that surround gaming.  Really though if you think about it you might just be one of many you don’t like changes in color.  Well today if you read on maybe you will enter a discussion to make you think outside the normal.

Since I have been playing games there has been a set colors for good and a set colors for evil.  Now I don’t know about you, but Red for Evil is starting to get boring.  Using Blue for good is getting that way to after I played infamous.  There are so many games out that that use these colors for that reason.

Do we as gamers really accept that Evil always has to be red or some other dark color?  Why can’t Evil be yellow or neon green?  Good can be other colors like neon purple or even plaid in my own thoughts.

So my question to you is if you were given the choice to make good & evil colors what would they be and why?  Now you can’t use blue for a good color or red as a bad color either.  I really want you to put thought into this.