With all this talk of the 360 dropping in price, we have to think about how Nintendo fans feel. Don’t you guys want a Wii price drop, too? Oh, that’s right — you already own a Wii. Nevermind.

News Blips:

360 too lazy to slim down; may slash price instead. It appears as though Microsoft is going to copy Sony’s recent PS3 price slashing by trimming the price of the 360. Well, according to a bunch of retailer ads that have begun to pop up. Of course, these could be fake. Or, they could be real. Whichever ever it is, this fact still remains the same: The 360 is fat. [GameSpot]

Music to our ears: Lumines coming to the iPhone. Developer Q Entertainment confirmed the blocky puzzler Lumines will be dropping on the iPhone soon. Are you surprised? We’re not. Now Lumines on the Zack Morris cell phone? That’d be impressive. [1UP]

Square Enix stoked people might buy the PS3 now. Final Fantasy 13 producer Yoshinori Kitase told VG247 that the timing of the PS3 price cut will work out well for his game since it hits this winter in Japan. It might also help that the game has the words “Final” and “Fantasy” in the title. Just a little bit. [VG247]

What else is new?: Wii Sports Resort sells a lot. Yes, it’s true. People like Wii Sports Resort. We know this because it has sold over a million units in America, Europe, and Japan. So, using our expert analysis, we’re going to predict this game will make Nintendo money. Err, scratch that. We meant lots of money. Sorry! [GameSpot]

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