That is a video of Bayonetta being played on “very easy automatic”. Indeed it appears so easy that it actually is automatic. To play in this mode you need only push 1 button, the dodge button. All your attacks are performed by the CPU and if you do take hits then your health regenerates very quickly.

Now you do not need to play the game on this setting,indeed it has been made clear that there will many different difficulty settings, but I struggle to see why a mode such as this even need to be incorporated.

You will not even have to pay attention to what is happening on screen at all, indeed you could be doing something else entirely while you play. You only need one finger.

However if you choose to give the game your full attention while playing on this mode, surely you would quickly become bored senseless. Mindlessly pressing a button for hours on end seems soul destroying to me,why bother?

I have seen one argument that it allows you to focus more on the story. This makes no sense at all. You will have to play the game for half an hour to an hour between each cutscene which I assume will only last a few minutes or seconds.

This argument seems better suited to a Metal Gear Solid game. I imagine that constantly pressing a single button for an hour at a time would cause you to be so disconected from the game,so uninterested that I would no longer give a damn what was happening in the story.

Another argument would be that it is there to ease in first time players. However they would surely be so bored as to stop playing the game. I know I would.

But this decrease in difficulty seems to be a common feature in games these days. I am not someone who plays games on the hardest setting, I play the majority of my games on normal or medium, but I have noticed that the games I do choose to play on easy seem very easy, in comparison to their medium mode.

A recent example of this would be Shadow Complex. I decided to play through it on the easiest setting, however I found it to be nigh on impossible to be killed by enemies. I often came out of a firefight with more health then when I started!I found this to be incredibly boring. It just sucked the soul from the game,there was little to no challenge involved.

I wonder if this lack of challenge in the easier modes is down to developers catering to the more casual audience? I struggle to see any other reason why.

Comments on the general difficulty of games or the Bayonetta mode are welcome.