Tetris is a fun little game. You drop blocks. We can’t think of anything more fun than that. Actually we can: Dropping blocks while explosions happen in the background. You’re drooling, aren’t you? Disgusting. And weird. Clean yourself up, you destruction-loving freak. That’s better.

So we dig Tetris a lot, but when it comes to showing our appreciation, we stop at shaving the iconic shapes on our heads and then dying them multiple fanciful colors. Because that’s just obsessive. Dying the pieces? Too much. Pure, naturally-colored shapes shaved in our hair, though? Perfectly acceptable way of displaying our love for a classic game.

This dude, however, went the ridiculous route. Take a gander for yourself [via Geekologie]:

Not only is this just plain silly, but the way those blocks are aligned, he’s totally going to lose. What a blockhead!