Japanese role-playing games have a bunch of silly clichés. Hell, the Final Fantasy series makes up about 60% of them (the other 39% going to Dragon Quest and the last 1% going to any game copying both the aforementioned titles).

But there’s one annoying gameplay convention that most JRPG’s share, and that’s the not-so-random turn-based battles. Ugh. Why do we have to take turns? Are monsters and demons so polite in fantasy worlds that they wait for heroes to attack before retaliating? If so, why do they want to kill innocent farm boys who hold convenient world-saving powers hidden inside of them? Bunch of asshole monsters.

Ridiculous, we know. That’s why Armor Games created this amusing flash game entitled Turn Based Battle. Click here to play it.

Now we don’t want to spoil anything, but you should probably prepare for some turn based battles. Just sayin’.