We love making music. Give us an instrument and we will play it. Guitar? We’ll rock it. Bass? Taste delicious. Keytar? “It’s the Final Countdown!” Atari Punk Console? Oi! We’ll totally…err, wait — what the hell is a Atari Punk Console?

Let’s ask our friend Wikipedia: “An Atari Punk Console (commonly shortened to APC) is a simple DIY noisemaker circuit that is relatively inexpensive and easy to build.”

Ah, sounds cool! Sure, we’ll play one. Especially one that focuses on the only music that matters: bleeps and bloops. Luckily, this one made and sold by Etsy user Anko fits those exact requirements [via technabob]:

We can’t play our favorite Atari song: “BLEEPBLOOPBLOOPBLEEPBLOOPBLEEP.”