Yes we are going to talk about this as I enjoy Pro-Football to an extent.  Now some of you may move on, but I think this is worth talking about.  So remember if you don’t discuss then you can’t complain to me why I am wrong.



Fantasy Leagues have become like a game it self on the PC.  You have one basically for all major sports to my knowledge.  Some you have to keep track of more then others, but still fun to play.  Now I know for a fact XBLA has something of a fantasy draft they support or at least they did last yea for pro-football.

So can a simulated fantasy league that plays on real live stats be called a video game?  Lets see it has on-line multi-player.  You can have a conversation in a party text chat system.  With the options to drop or add players, Move players around and such makes me think of this as a video game. 

Do you think fantasy Leagues are video games and if not what do you think they are?