Please play Donovan McNabb.  This is my first year playing Madden online in random ranked games.  In years past I tired of the nano blitz and other shady dealings people did online.  Today I played my first two games against the Eagles.  Both opponents paused the game and put Vick in.  My first victim continued to run the same two plays over and over and I adapted.  Late in the second quarter he quit.  I sent him a simple message, “Don’t cheese the vick!”
     No reply came to me and I just laughed while I finished the game against an inefective cpu.  My next opponent also used the Vick offense, and he won.  I had things in hand until he realised that Vick wasn’t going anywhere.  I still had to tie up my defense containing the teflon quarterback and my opponent took advantage of it.            In the end he barely escaped with a win.  I plead with you out there to stop cheesing the Vick.  A higher rated player beat me with the Vick(barely).  All the Madden neophytes out there are losing out on a great experience trying to rack up wins without actually playing the game.