If Guinness is going to make an award for the best superhero game ever, it’s only fair that they make one for the worst as well. Right, Supes?

News Blips:

Congratulations for not sucking: Batman: Arkham Asylum gets Guinness World Record. It was revealed today that Batman: Arkham Asylum received an official Guinness World Record for, get this, being the “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever.” Uh-oh — Superman is gonna be pissssssed. [1UP]

Not again: Another Square Enix teaser site for…Modern Warfare 2? Yeah, this one is a wee bit strange — not only does it show the same number “2” used in Modern Warfare 2 font, but it also has the copyright details for both Call of Duty and Activision at the bottom of the page. Guess that means Square Enix is publishing Modern Warfare 2 in Japan. Pfft — and we thought Activison Blizzard was the biggest publisher in the world. [VG247]

Realtime Worlds lets us know they’re making a game. This is exciting news — APB developer Realtime Worlds sent out a press release today saying they’ve opened up a new office and are hiring people to finish their game. They should talk to Guinness — maybe they make up an award for them, too. [Joystiq]

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony trailer prances out next Tuesday. The news of finally getting to see this upcoming GTA4 expansion makes us feel really, really gay. [GameSpot]

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