Naming games is fun. For instance, if we made a game about sword fighting, we’d name it “Ouch! Don’t Stab Me, Asshole!” Either that or “Sword of War: Stab or Die.”

The former makes more sense (seriously, it really hurts when you get stabbed!), but the latter just sounds like a video game title. Because, well, publishers sometimes aren’t that creative when it comes to naming games.

And that’s exactly what motivated Something Awful to Photoshop up some hilarious mock game covers based on the cliché titles spawned from the Video Game Name Generator.  Just check out this beaut here [via Something Awful]:

We normally don’t play many sports games, but we’d total get a touchdown in this game. Wait, there’s touchdowns in hockey, right? Or is that futbol? Hmm…

Continue after the break for more ridiculous games we wish were real. Oh, and if one of you fine folks out there want to make mock game covers for Ouch! Don’t Stab Me, Asshole! or Sword of War: Stab or Die, we’d totally love you forever. Or at least until the end of the day.