giftHey Bitmob! Boy oh boy do I have something great for you all today. I have been wanting to do a game givaway for a while now. I was going to give you the game that I won from 1up a while back, N+… But I happened to have lost it (my brothers fault). So instead I picked a game off of the ‘When was the last time I even thought about playing this’ shelf.






The game I’m gifting to the Bitmob community is Cabala’s Dangerous Hunts: Greatest Hits addition, for the Playstation 2



All you have to do to win this game is leave a comment explaining to me what beast from a video game you would hunt down and kill, and why. The winner will be picked randomly but feel free to be very creative and imaginative. You have till September 15 to enter. Good luck!

Please keep in mind that I have had this game for many years and it is fairly scratched up. I played through it to find that it still works (and that now that I am a vegetarian I kinda have a problem with shooting bears in the face in a game) but the game might give out at any time, but it is free, so whatever!

I myself would target a chokobo, because those damn birds are in every Final Fantasy game, and it is about time somebody taught them a lesson.


Sorry but only those in the US and Canada please. I’ve never shipped any thing I would like to start small :)