Over the past few weeks W. Bryan Jacobs has written a number of posts about his playthrough of Mega Man.  I really enjoyed reading them, and it gave me some ideas.  After discussing my thoughts with the Mob, J. Cosmo Cohen, Bryan and I have come up with what could be a great idea:

The Bitmob Game Club




Here are the details:


  • We need at least four participants
  • Each of us play the same small section of a game
  • We write a small passage about that section
  • It can be a review, humorous joke or anything at all!
  • One of us puts the passages together in one blog
  • And Bitmobbers can read it, love it and comment on it
  • Cosmo has already volunteered to be in charge of making the Bitmob Game Club Blog, so all we need are participants and a really good game to play.


Please comment if you are interested, and suggest a game if you can – just keep in mind it needs to be a game that everyone can find or access.