scott-rosenbergThere was plenty of talk about traditional blogging versus microblogging platform Twitter at today’s 10th-anniversary celebration of Blogger in San Francisco — probably inevitably, since Ev Williams, co-founder of both Twitter and Blogger (the latter now owned by Google), was at the event. Several speakers argued that Twitter has supplanted some of the functions of blogging — as Techologizer’s Harry McCracken put it, where blogging was once the easiest way to share thoughts on the web, it’s now one of the hardest, compared to Twitter and other new web tools

Building on that discussion, Scott Rosenberg, author of Say Everything, a book about the history of blogging, offered the most memorable idea of the afternoon. Not only is Twitter the new easy way to publish your thoughts, he said, it has also become the target of much of the scorn from traditional media that was once heaped on blogging.

“Blogging has always had this word ‘trivial’ hung from its neck,” Rosenberg said. “Twitter has finally liberated blogging from that, from all these charges from the media, all these dismissive putdowns of trivialities.”

That got a laugh from both Williams and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who told the Blogger team, “We did that to help you out.”