After everyone and there mother got wind that Disney pulled out it’s change bag and bought Marvel.  I thought why not make it my topic for today.  Yes it has lots of room for discussion exspecially with gamers.


So with disney having hold on all the Marvel assets.  I just wonder how long before we see a Disney & Marvel meet up in a game.  Really they all ready did it with the Final fantasy Series and why not put Mickey vs Dr. Doom.  Wait maybe a mature fighting game can come of this instead.

With as many thing you can think of there just to seem to be no end in sight for all the things you think can happen.  Now we all know we can’t get what we really want.  So that is why today’s question on this topic is crucial for at least the geek in me.

If you could pick 1 Disney Charater & 1 Marvel Character who would they be and why.  Then what type of game would you put them in together?