Marvel chases Disney!

Inspired by Mr. Alejandro Quan-Madrid’s “News Bleeps” post on Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics (paticularly by his idea of Berserking the Jonas Brothers) I have taken it upon myself to ask the Bitmob community the following question:

If such a thing like a Marvel Super Heroes V.S. Disney fighting game came to be in an imaginary future, which 3 Disney characters would you choose to open a can of whup ass on those Marvel whimps? and Why?

I was talking about this with a workmate earlier today and the subject just prompted a whole bunch of funny ideas.

Let’s see what you can come up with!

For your assistance I will provide you with a link to an extense Disney charcater list.

So before I leave,  here are my choices:

Rafiki (yeah that monkey from The Lion King): He seems to know some kung-fu and is quite handy with that wooden cane of his.

Genie (obviously from Aladdin): The man just looks like he’s on coke all the time, he’s bound to be a crazy fighter.

Merlin (bearded magical dude from The Sword in The Stone): You can’t go wrong with a wizard/sorcerer that looks like Jerry García, he’s bound to be a projectile based fighter.

Your turn guys, GO CRAZY!