Ever since Ghostbusters 2 came out in 1989, we’ve been wondering two things:

1) Why the hell did the kids at the beginning of the movie want He-Man to appear at the birthday party instead of the Ghostbusters? Uh, He-Man wasn’t even on the air in 1989. Those kids suck at watching TV.

2) What are the exact movements for the NES Advantage-controlled Statue of Liberty? Seriously — we didn’t find instructions when we visited it in New York City. And judging by how complicated Steel Battalion is, we’re sure it’s not easy.

Well, it looks like we’re wrong! Nerd clothing site SplitReason is selling a shirt that details exactly how to control lady liberty, and it’s surprisingly simple [via Offworld]:

Ah, so that’s how it works. Now we just have to find a large amount positively charged slime. You can get that at Walmart, right?