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     It was 1999.  I had just rented an apartment with some of my friends from high school, and we marched through the sweltering Austin heat to retrieve our pre-ordered Sega Dreamcast at the nearby Toys ‘R Us.
    We had great fun with many of the launch titles and were blown away by the graphics, but we did not fully realize the awesomeness of this machine until we purchased Namco’s Soul Calibur at the behest of one of our friends who owned the game’s predecessor, Soul Edge, for PS1 .       
     Sure, Virtua Fighter 3TB was phenomenal (all of us were VF2 vets), but we were still playing Fighter’s Mega-Mix on the Saturn for our Virtua fix.  Until we put this little disc in.

     This was when my Sega prophecy was fulfilled.  Brought balance to The Force, the Dreamcast did.  To wit, after my Sega CD, Nomad, and Saturn (not to mention Phillips CD-i) purchases, my console credibility had become severely tarnished amongst my cohorts.

     We played this game literally, for years.     

     Needless to say, Soul Calibur revolutionized fighting games with full 3D interaction, pristine graphics, accessorizing, and even a touch of role-playing.  The multitudes of unlockable characters and weapons were like little “presents” for completing certain objectives.

     In conclusion, the most significant Dreamcast game was inarguably Soul Calibur.  Furthermore, Mitsurugi Wins!  Oh yeah, and the soul STILL burns – 10 years later.  

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